Whitsand Bay, 25 May 2020

We have been going to the Wiggle Cliff section of Whitsand Bay for a couple of years. The last section of the path down is … interesting.

Purpose: This was a family visit taking advantage of the hot weather to go rock-pooling and have a BBQ.

Location and route: Whitsand Bay via Torpoint Ferry

This visit was before I thought about having a blog but at least we took a few photos with Dad’s phone. The water was warm for the time of year and perhaps that is why we managed to see several Common spider crabs (Maja brachydactyla).

spider crab in rock-pool
Spider crab in a rock-pool
Hiding but not unnoticed
spider crab legs missing
Another spider crab, a male with lots of legs missing
spider crab underside
Underside of a spider crab
showing the mouth parts

I submitted an iRecord for one of these spider crabs later, mostly to show that it was a different species from the ones we found at Ayrmer Cove.