Marine Biology Links

I find books great and love to sit and scan through their pages. However, they get to be a bit expensive and sometimes they just do not cover what I want. The internet is so much more complete but finding an answer can sometimes be difficult.

Searches throw up lots of results, which are not always consistent. I often find that different scientific names are given and I do not have the experience to know which are correct and which are redundant.

Image searches often show pictures of other similar creatures not the exact species I want. For instance, sometimes a picture is of the species I want but it might not look the same because of variations due to habitat, stage of development and other factors.

Useful links

The following marine biology sites are all well respected and have helped me to identify and record my rock-pool discoveries with a bit more certainty. Some of the content looks a bit frightening at first but I am learning to pick out the bits I need.

Please feel free to suggest other useful sites with a comment. I will only approve those that are relevant and appropriate.

Marine Biology

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Just as the above links help with species identification, this section links to the software that I use in order to make this site look pretty. I am no expert and better programs may exist. Many of these are open-source, making them free to use for non-commercial applications like this. Again, feel free to suggest useful alternatives.