How and why I submit my iRecords

I began to submit my iRecords at the same time that this blog was created. Knowing that someone will be checking me makes me try my hardest to identify the species correctly.

My Dad discovered iRecords when we looked at the purpose of this blog. It seemed silly to record my rock-pool discoveries only here where few people would ever see them. The Biological Records Centre looked like a good place to start.

When I submit my iRecords I:

  • learn how to record finds properly
  • get confirmation that my identification is correct
  • have a permanent record of my finds
  • help marine biologists working on the species found

The form below should allow you to submit an iRecord to the Biological Records Centre but you will need to be logged on to your account with them in the same browser.

I wrote a post when Submitting my first iRecord. Read that to see how easy it is.

My first iRecord accepted

This is a screenshot of my first iRecord accepted (not the first submitted). You can just about make out that it is for an edible crab (Cancer pagurus) found at Whitsand Bay.

my first iRecord accepted